cottonplant2Alabama cotton producers are becoming more efficient and produce high-quality cotton. Many of the advances in production and management are the result of the research investment made by the Alabama Cotton Commission.

Cotton checkoff funds collected from Alabama farmers have recently supported research projects including:

  • Development of a more rapid survey technique for monitoring stink bug damage to cotton
  • Impact and management of fire ants in the Alabama cotton production system
  • Management of insecticides for bollworm control in a central Alabama conventional variety system
  • Support fro extension precision ag program
  • Technical support for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System website

The research program supported by dues is well-balanced, addressing the immediate and long-term needs of the cotton industry and its producers. These funds enable scientists to conduct research in all cotton producing areas of Alabama. The efficient and timely transfer of research funds and other information to the producers is vitally important. Recommendations based on research results help increase production efficiency and profitability.

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